About Us

- Complete care for the sick: medical surveillance around the clock, toilet, handling.
- Rehabilitation of patients.
- Medical Control - Control of symptoms sapatsvashti disease.



- Provide free technical aids for disabled

1. In adopting when and where to arrive

On the day of admission, the allocated time, please welcome to the hospice, and park in front and tell the staff about your arrival.

2. What to wear

In primate to wear appropriate clothing for day and night, underwear, slippers - bath and walk, toiletries for personal use.

It is good to bring something with which to deal - book, magazine, hooks and yarn for knitting, leaves, pen and envelope for letters, photos.
Clothes, eyeglasses, canes, etc.. these must be marked with the names of relatives of patient patsienta.Ako brings contact lenses, eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aid - prepare and take the appropriate container to be stored in locker or stand up legloto.Tezi things would could easily be lost if put in an inappropriate place or if they are wrapped in paper or placed in plastic chasha.Hospisat is not responsible for the care, preservation or restoration im.Dopuska to be brought objects or objects with which the patient is accustomed or that will create more comfort for example.
chair, chair, cupboard etc. If desired, he may be brought and another - personal furnishings.

3. Values
Patients are asked not to carry securities or documents, valuable jewelry or other valuables and pari.Preporachvame you can leave things at home Tizi si.Ako still take something with you, you must pass the management of the hospice for
sahranenie.Shte’ll be issued a notice to be present when making im.Pari can also be left in storage - the transmission will be described against the signature on the necessary amounts of the patient.
Hospice is not responsible for lost or damaged valuables, or items that are left sahranenie.Ako lose something, please call immediately to the nurse on duty and we will do everything possible to help you find it namerite.Ako value of
not know the owner, it will be stored for 30 days.

4. Visiting hours
We set strict visiting hours. Designated times are recommendations only and are regulated so that it can give visitors and patients as much time to be together without disturbing other patients and staff to carry out their duties. We ask visitors - family and friends of our patients to comply with hours of rest and nutrition.
This will osuguri silence of all patients needed their rest and will allow them to feed easily, and will enable staff to assist them in feeding.

5. Feeding
We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Food is a balanced and consistent with the daily needs of each chovek.Chay, coffee, mineral water and juices are available to all patients who wish.

Eating it in the dining room of the hospice
06.30ch morning. to 08.30ch.
snack from 15.00. until 16.00h
lunch from 12.00. to 13.45ch.
18.30ch evening. till 20.00.

When the patient can not move alone or with assistance to the canteen, the food is served in the sick room. Helps on all patients who can not eat alone.
For diabetic patients and severe food is consistent with the disease.
If visit wearing food for your family, then please be in small quantities - as per meal.
If you still carry a little more, it could be placed in a refrigerator for 24 hours, but must be clearly labeled with the name, date and time of placing in the refrigerator.

6. Phones & Communications
The hospice has a fixed telephone line and telephone handset, which can always be caught on a patient if you want to talk to him. Outbound calls are also available, upon payment of the conversation.
Another link may be done through our e-mail.
The letter will be delivered to the patient and will be given assistance in writing and send a letter.


7. TV
In most rooms have TV, but unfortunately because of the remoteness of our city can be viewed only three national programs. Hopefully the problem to be solved. Big TV is in the common room, where patients are encouraged to attend - call, knitting, games, watching television and more.

Are visited regularly by local singing groups, children’s recitals and other diversification life in hospice.


8. Personal electrical equipment
Personal items such as radio, television, hair dryer - can be brought and used in hospices, but must be declared in bringing them.
Electric blankets, ovens, irons - are not allowed to use.


9. Furnishing
Permitted the replacement of furniture with a personal as well as the introduction of personal belongings that will contribute to patient comfort, as long as they allow wet cleaning and disinfection.
10. As relatives and patients
Please patients and their families to provide all information about current complaints, past or present illnesses, medications they take and other circumstances relating to their health. The information will be used only in the interest of the patient’s health and will not spread.
Please patients and their families be treated with respect and to respect the rights of other patients and the hospice team.
Please refer patients to hospital with responsibility for the property - a broken, destroyed or damaged hospital property, the patient, his relatives, respectively - are obliged to replace.

Hospice sv.Ekaterina provide comprehensive care for the patient.

The hospis is located in a new building in Sofia. The hospice offers:

- Lots of inputs for easy access
- Equipment condition monitoring of patients
- Different sectors of serious, medium and chronically ill

Recommended visiting hours:
morning from 10.00. to 12.00.
afternoon from 15.00. to 17.00.
Respect other patients and respect their need for peace and quiet.
Call before you, so that an employee of the hospice team to welcome you and signpost. Knock before you enter the room of your close - can he or other patients in the room are in a position to disturb them and suddenly upset your entry.
We ask visitors who are ill should not come to visit. The majority of patients have reduced defenses, making them easy to infect a different type. If you have a cough, fever, flu, sore throat, diarrhea and other symptoms, no matter how slight are these complaints do not come to visit. Do not take with her sick children.
The management of the hospice could restrict or prohibit visits to a flu epidemic or other threatening health and condition of our patients.
Before you come to visit, if you can call in advance to ask your close if he wants something - books, photos, toiletries, favorite thing or another.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
We’re here to help and serve in all ways that we can.

- Spacious living rooms on each floor

The hospis is situated in a quiet and peaceful place in Sofia

Ovcha Fonts Street Vitoshka meadow No13